Official 2022 – 2023 YOUTH BOWLING SEASON will start as of September 25, 2022.  We welcome NEW BOWLERS all season long!!
Accepting registrations for Youth born 2004 to 2016 (6 years to 18 years) 
Our annual registration fee is $40 per youth, which goes towards our affiliation with Bowl Ontario and Bowl Canada

To make bowling more affordable, we don’t ask for your weekly bowling fee to be paid upfront in one lump sum, instead we collect bowling fees weekly, with the option to pay additional weeks in advance.  Please note that weekly bowling fees are mandatory, whether you are present or absent.... if you miss a week you must pay for any missed weeks when you return to your next session.

Ages 6 to 12 * Monday’s 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM (Sept 26th to April 2023)
Ages 6 to 12 * Monday’s 6:15 PM to 7:45 PM (Sept 26th to April 2023)
Ages 10 to 18 * Sunday’s 6:30 PM to 8:15 PM (Sept 25th to April 2023)

Youth Bowl Canada (YBC)


Our Youth Bowling League (YBC) provides a friendly and safe environment where everyone plays regardless of their ability. Nobody warms the bench and everyone gets to have fun!  We welcome NEW bowlers all season long!

What do youngsters get out of YBC?
Bowling in the YBC (Youth Bowl Canada) league offers the member many benefits. Youngsters get ACTIVE with regular, moderate exercise and improve their coordination, balance, and motor skills. The team dynamics of bowling also helps to improve social skills through positive interaction with peers. Coaches and volunteers reinforce the concepts and importance of Sportsmanship and Fair Play. Bowlers also learn about setting personal goals for themselves and receive achievement awards throughout the season in recognition of personal and team accomplishments.  Also, all Bayshore League bowlers get discounted public bowling fees during the season!
What does YBC offer its members?
YBC offers qualified coaching in a fun and safe environment.  Equal participation and contribution by all members, regardless of ability, is a key feature of the program and of youngsters developing self-confidence. YBC is also a perfect opportunity to learn the ideals of sport in a non-aggressive and friendly environment, whatever the age. Three age divisions consist in the YBC Program; Bantam (Ages 6-9), Junior (Ages 11-14) and Senior (Ages 15-19) which ensures youngsters are teamed up with children their own age for competition and it usually leads to the creation of many NEW FRIENDS and oodles of FUN!  Tournament competition is available (and optional) and offers the opportunity to compete in Regional, Provincial and even National events for those that qualify!
How much does it cost?
The annual registration fee for YBC is $40.00 plus a small weekly fee ranging from $8 to $10, which contributes to the year-end banquet, prizes, league fun parties, tournament competition, and affiliation fees to Youth Bowl Ontario/Youth Bowl Canada.  All YBC Organizations are obligated to participate in the annual Youth Bowl Canada Fundraising campaign, which usually involves selling a box of chocolates (1 per family).   We will gladly work with any organizations that offer funding for youth.
What happens if youth have to miss a week or two?
By registering for our Youth Bowling Program, you have committed to holding a spot in the league.  We understand that the youth may have to miss some weeks throughout the season, whether it is a planned absence such as a vacation or unexpected illness.   ***NOTE: To make our program affordable, we do not require payment for the full season upfront, instead we collect the $8 - $10 bowling fee weekly.  Anytime youth miss a week of bowling, they are required to “Catch up” on any missed fees when they return (Extenuating circumstances for absences may be excused at the discretion of Program Director).  We can accept pre-payment for additional weeks upfront if you would like to pay fees ahead of time.
If you have a planned absence coming up, youth are encouraged to come in to “Bowl-Out their scores” in ADVANCE of missing.  Youth will pay the weekly fee at that time, and have then they have pre-paid for when they are absent. We recommend having a "Bowl-Out" score stored in our scoring computer to be used for any future dates you may have to miss unexpectedly.  Bowl-Outs can be completed Tuesday 3PM - 6PM, Wednesday & Thursday 3PM - 8PM or Friday 3PM – 6PM.  (No bowl-outs permitted on Saturday/Sunday as this is our prime Public Bowling Days).  If you do have to miss bowling, please call the alley to notify staff.
Volunteer Support!
Our program relies heavily on volunteer support to assist the youth to improve their bowling skills, as well as managing their teams with fee collection and ensuring youth are ready for their turn each frame.  The volunteer coaches we have on the lanes are long-time experienced bowlers from our Centre.  Please NOTE that we do not have enough volunteers to offer 1-on-1 support, or assist those that need to be closely monitored, therefore we ask that parents/guardians be on site for any youth that need additional support and supervision.  Also, we kindly ask for any assistance you can offer with our program, as this day in age it is unfortunately harder to acquire dedicated volunteers.
**We ask that (1) parent/guardian stay on site to supervise any youth under 10 years of age**


For more information on our youth leagues please contact (705) 526-4887 or email
Visit Youth Bowl Canada website for more details on Youth Bowling